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Top Sales & Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 was a tumultuous year as we dealt with COVID-19 and its disruptions. As we move beyond crisis management to accelerating brand transformation, VKT’s rich experiences with clients and research foresee these as the top marketing trends for 2021:

✅ Data Analytics: strategic marketing in 2021 should use data mining & analytics for customer segmentation, targeting as well as for optimization.

✅ Video Advertising: the launch of Instagram Reels and LinkedIn Stories are key signals to the increasing salience of video content. As customers crave for more information in less time, videos will become the most engaging digital marketing tool.

✅ Customer Retention: maintaining strong customer relationships with existing clients will be a good approach when functioning on tight post-COVID budgets. An incremental retention rate will show you high ROIs in 2021.

The new year brings with it a more complex picture of digital marketing & sales through new trends. Look out for a run-down of the most dominating 2021 branding, marketing and sales trends for B2B and B2C companies and learn how to navigate them in this week’s Newsletter. Head over to our website to subscribe to the upcoming VKT newsletter:!

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