• Vivien Koh

Understanding Post Pandemic Shift in Consumer Behavior to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategies

With the transition into the endemic world, are you wondering if consumers' behaviours have changed from pre- to post-pandemic?

By now, most companies should have already digitally migrated at least parts of their businesses online due to Covid-19. Research has indicated that consumer and business digital adoption was vaulted five years forward in just eight weeks. With the adaptive nature of humans, consumer behaviours have shifted compared to before the pandemic. Despite the reopening of our societies as lockdowns are being eased, 75% of people who first started using digital channels during the pandemic stated that they will continue to use them as we enter into the new ‘normal’.

Consumer behaviour before and after the pandemic

📌 Personalisation

Before: Nice to have

After: Must have

Since more businesses have established an online presence during the pandemic period, consumers are now faced with an expanding choice of brands. To differentiate amongst competitors, personalisation is key. Accenture reported that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands offering personalised online experiences. Furthermore, 97% of marketers increased personalisation efforts in 2020, with one-fourth of them achieving a spike in revenue higher than 20% due to personalis