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VKT's First Digital High Impact Sales Online Training Program (PSMB approved)

Developing a better understanding of customers has never been a more strategic necessity, with more than 90% of B2Bs having transitioned to a virtual sales model during COVID-19. The increasing new environments, technologies & business models are changing what customers need, want & how they make decisions. Yet, many companies still treat insights as an afterthought, placing emphasis on information instead.

An extension of information, insights allow us to understand the root causes of behaviours & phenomena & lead to ideas that help create value. Only with sufficient insights, can we generate opportunities.

Earlier today, I conducted VKT’s first Digital High Impact Sales training (PSMB approved) to help one of the businesses from my hometown, Penang, to upskill their sales team. Based on a CSO report, in 2016, only 50% of sales reps attained their quota, as compared to 63% in 2012, & this is still decreasing. Given the dynamic environment, unsurprisingly, firms find difficulty in adapting to the changing mindsets & habits of customers. I had an exciting morning helping the team uncover customer insights, align their sales culture & adopt new virtual selling strategies to better influence & generate customers through a customised program.

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