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#VKTransformationTuesday: Dare to Fail during Covid-19

Recently, the wave of bankruptcies has hit local brands like Kidszania and Smove as well as international brands Hertz and Aldo during Covid-19. As an entrepreneur, leader and educator, I have started reflecting if these companies could have done anything to steer clear of bankruptcy.

While helping diverse businesses to accelerate their digital sales and marketing transformation during this crisis, my team and I have been practicing Design Thinking to help ease our clients and our transition. With this, we thrive to cultivate an experimental & curious mindset, accepting ‘failure is OK’ and most importantly, learning from failure. Design thinking is a human-centric approach to problem-solving. I cannot help but wonder if these companies could have done more by leveraging technology and design thinking mindset to navigate through this pandemic and avoid bankruptcy.

I am excited to kick start the Design Thinking and Innovation at Singapore Management University course online. Looking forward to helping my participants to uncover deep insights of their target audience, generate digital disruptive ideas, and bring those ideas to life to develop innovative solutions.

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