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Why should businesses have an integrated marketing strategy in 2021?

The Convoluted Tale of Multiple Customer Touch Points

In an information-loaded and complex retail landscape, customers seek a seamless experience across channels. According to the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report, 88% of Singaporean customers consider experience to be as important as a company’s products & services. On average, Singaporeans use 11 channels to communicate with companies and the integration of multiple touchpoints enhances the customer experience. This factor has become so salient that 76% are willing to share their personal information in order to ensure a consistent experience across every channel. So, how can companies achieve a seamless, non-disruptive customer experience?

Integrated Marketing: The Messiah

Integrated marketing is a strategic approach in aligning and creating a seamless customer centric experience across different channels. The key is to have consistent messaging and branding across all channels so that the customer journey is unified. This starts from capturing customer insights and identifying pain points so that the right channels can be mapped to the right target audiences. Your website will act as a central control system of the network you build. Following that, you branch out into implementing various forms of performance marketing strategies, across different media, including organic and paid advertisement, showing a cohesive brand image. The last step is to measure and keep track of marketing performance so that you can continue to optimize your campaign performances across all channels to drive traffic, conversion and sales apart from creating a seamless customer experience.

The 360° Experience

Our experience with our B2C clients has reiterated the importance of creating an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy. After working with one of our B2C clients, a one-stop healthy snacks provider, on a Business Model Transformation project through EDG, we became their extended marketing arm to execute 360° Digital Marketing solutions. With an in depth customer segmentation and journey analysis, we were able to help the client align their marketing communication across all digital channels particularly, Facebook and Google, creating a seamless customer experience across all touch points. This has led to the creation of highly targeted content for multiple channels and augmentation of creatives that resonate well with their target audience while maintaining a consistent brand messaging & image. As a result, VKT has successfully DOUBLED traffic & customer engagement numbers in just a month!

The First Step of Many

As customer expectations rise, companies need to invest more time and resources into creating a convenient and seamless customer experience that would keep customers coming back for more. Here at VKT, we support your business objectives by taking care of all your digital marketing, sales and branding needs. Our 360° Digital Marketing solutions generate performance-driven results to grow your brand and drive conversions.

To know more about how we can accelerate your digital transformation, schedule a virtual coffee chat with us today:

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