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Case Study: The Grateful Pet (TGP)


Increase in revenue


increase in RoAS in past 6 months


Decrease in cost per conversion


Operating in a competitive market with rising costs and margin erosion, The Grateful Pet (TGP) recognised the need for us to develop a strong operational architecture and multichannel go-to-market growth strategy, and achieve our goal of being the top fresh pet food brand in Asia with quality pet food and data-driven thought leadership.

Proposed Solution:

Engaging VK Transformation (VKT) as our strategic consultants for the EDG Business Strategy Development project has been nothing short of transformative. VKT’s proven revenue and profitability growth frameworks were tailored to our business model to sieve out key drivers affecting our growth and profitability. VKT’s team of experienced consultants was instrumental in shaping our new local and regional strategy for the short, medium and long term - utilising extensive market research and analysis to identify new growth opportunities and providing us with key actionable steps to enhance our profitability and revenue growth. With their commendable professionalism, customer-centricity and data-driven approach throughout this project, we have also embarked on a multichannel digital performance marketing project with VKT to elevate our digital brand presence and achieve consistent online revenue growth


Leveraging their full-service agency approach in integrating creative, data and technology - within 6 months, VKT succeeded in ideating and implementing winning digital performance marketing strategies that accelerated our revenueand RoAS growth, while reducing our cost per conversion and maintaining consistent non-seasonal performances.

"Overall, VKT’s exemplary performance has exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend VKT to any business looking for a strong strategic consulting and digital marketing partner."
-Sandee Goh & Rachel Pereira, co-founders of The Grateful Pet
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