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High Impact Moonshot Training Programmes for Desired Futures


With countries & global economies progressing towards the end of the Covid pandemic, business models have evolved significantly. Business leaders now play a pivotal role in rethinking & adapting people development programmes to build high-performance sales & marketing teams to recover, drive revenue growth, and achieve sales targets as we step into the new digital age.


Our online and offline training programs provide business leaders and their team members the opportunity to engage in hands-on & collaborative learnings with like-minded professionals. We offer a wide range of project-based training and design thinking modules that will transform you and your business. Some of our training programs are also supported by Skills Future (Singapore) and HRDF (Malaysia).

Our Training Programmes

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Reinventing Your Business Model For Future Growth
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The pandemic has disrupted businesses and created gaps in industries that require businesses to reinvent themselves. Consumer behaviour has also evolved during this time with an emphasis on digitalisation, now more so than ever. If businesses are slow to design a digital-first business model, it will most likely cause revenue gaps and delays in finding alternative revenue streams, leading to slower incremental business growth.

This programme equips you with skills to identify what matters to your target audience and help you innovate and design a new business model or strategy. In addition, the programme helps you to develop a broader understanding of external factors such as human, societal needs, and aims to build a culture of innovation in your company.

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Moonshot Thinking Programme
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In the past, highly innovative firms have always triumphed during major crises. In order to keep up with the competitive landscape, reinvention and implementation of out-of-the-box strategies to stay relevant during evolving times are the major challenges that businesses may face.

This programme helps you to unlock a growth mindset and embrace Moonshot Thinking. Participants will be equipped with the relevant creative and critical thinking toolkits to create Moonshot Vision and design out-of-the-box Moonshot ideas that will help solve emerging challenges during or after major crises.

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Strategic Digital Sales Leadership Programme
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With the pandemic leading people to operate and work online, more than 90% of B2Bs have transitioned to online selling during this period. However, many salespeople are still facing new challenges in connecting with customers, maintaining relationships, and closing deals remotely. Building a sales team with the right skills remains challenging.

This programme helps you identify gaps & opportunities in your sales organisation, learn the secret sauce of attracting and developing sales talents and learn the ropes of data-driven sales management to improve sales productivity. This programme also aims to help you create a strategic digital sales game plan for success.

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Digital High Impact Selling (supported by HRDF)
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Every aspect of the sales process has changed remarkably over the years, with its evolution being accelerated in today’s challenging environment. As sales representatives adapt to the new normal, companies are challenged with the need to adapt to how they sell in the face of trying economic times and changes in customer habits, behaviours, and journeys.

This programme will help you to develop a sales operational excellence mindset by uncovering sales opportunities in the digital age and adopting customer-centric digital sales tools. In addition, the programme also aims to help you decipher effective forecast & pipeline management and helps you to curate a game plan for business growth using sales analytics tools.

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Design Thinking & Innovation for Business Growth
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While many sectors are adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot ignore the fact that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation with changes in customer behaviour and journey. As the COVID-19 situation remains uncertain, you can turn to Design Thinking to rethink, reimagine and transform your business to gain a more competitive edge.

This programme helps business leaders learn how to innovate by designing parts of the business to better meet the new requirements/demands of customers and create a sustainable new business. You will also design a business blueprint to move your concept forward and obtain buy-in from others.

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Art & Science of Selling
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As sales representatives adapt to the new normal, companies are challenged with the need to adapt to how they sell in the face of trying economic times and changes in customer habits, behaviours, and journeys. Getting to the right decision-makers, receiving responses from prospects, and closing deals are top challenges for sales teams.

This programme will help sales professionals to improve sales productivity and performance. Participants will learn to adapt their selling approach to customer buying behaviour and drive consistent sales performance through the discipline of pipeline management.

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Art & Science of Negotiation
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Few people have a clearly defined strategy before they step into a negotiation. Ineffective negotiating skills have resulted in poorly negotiated deals which impacts companies' revenue and bottom line.

This programme equips participants with a scientific approach in measuring the information received from customers against your negotiation goal. Frameworks that will help participants in navigating complex negotiations.

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