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 Empowering Businesses and Individuals for Tomorrow with VK Academy


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VK Transformation is excited to announce the launch of VK Academy – your go-to destination for digital transformative learning. Whether you're part of a startup, SME, or large enterprise, VK Academy offers high-impact training programmes that cater to your professional growth. We are also known for our future-proof training with tangible results.

VK Academy offers programmes in three key areas: 
💡 Digital Innovation
💼 Sales & Marketing

These specialised programmes are carefully designed to empower leaders with the necessary skills to reach their potential and guide their organisations to greater heights. Our programmes are also recognised by Singapore Management University (SMU), supported by SG SkillsFuture & MY HRDF, and culminate in valuable certifications that empower you to lead your organisation to new heights.

Take the first step towards lasting success with VKT Academy's transformative training programmes here:


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Future-Proofing Your Workforce: Success for 2024 

According to The American Society for Training and Development, companies that prioritise training experience a 24% higher profit margin and a remarkable 218% higher income per employee! Discover how VKT can help in your employee development by reading our post. 


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Moonshot Thinking Training Programme

Transformative leadership is no longer an option; it's a necessity. Moonshot Thinking is more than simply aiming high. It's about helping leaders understand a transforming world, design for a human-centred, regenerative future, and inspire others to act. Read our post to find out more about the importance of Moonshot Thinking!

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Digital Strategy: Transforming Customer Experiences Today Training Programme

According to Templeton & Partners, a staggering 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a company priority, yet only 40% of organisations have successfully scaled their digital initiatives. Read our post to discover how VKT can help you with  Digital Strategy!

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Strategic Business Planning Workshop for Leaders Training Programme

According to Harvard Business Review, 61% of executives feel they are not prepared for the strategic challenges they face upon being appointed to senior leadership roles. Embark on a transformative journey with our Strategic Business Planning Workshop designed to help your organisation develop a winning business strategy for 2024 and beyond.


VKT offers Strategic Consulting, a full-fledged Digital Marketing Services and People Development Programme focused on accelerating your company's growth. Expect not only solutions in Performance Marketing but also a variety of other services ranging from Branding to Social Media Management.

With our experienced MRA & EDG Certified Consultant, VKT boasts a proven track record in achieving a high EDG application success rate with up to 50% funding. Take action today -  Contact Us for a virtual coffee chat to discover more about how you may start your digital marketing journey and leverage our expertise!


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For more information reach out to us on our website and feel free to share our newsletter.

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