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9.9 Super Shopping Day

Aptly labelled "Black Friday on Steroids", the success of 11.11 as a shopping phenomenon should be no stranger to online shoppers. Following the success of Alibaba, Shopee kickstarted the 9.9 shopping festival in 2016, and has since achieved remarkable year-on-year increase in orders, with orders in 2019 increasing 3-fold compared to 2018. In less than half a decade, 9.9 has become one of the biggest shopping events in the region with big and small eCommerce retailers riding on this wave and launching promotions specific to this day.

Ecommerce growth has greatly accelerated in the past few years, and pushed forward even further by the onset of Covid-19. Accompanying this, the online retail space has also become more crowded, with more new entrants wanting to get a slice of the cake. How then can you differentiate yourselves in a space that is becoming increasingly competitive?

As a digital sales & marketing consulting firm specialising in business transformation and data analytics, with a strong focus on performance and growth, we have strong competencies in helping our clients increase their visibility online and accelerate their revenue growth, in order to stay at the top of the game in a rapidly growing e-commerce space. Explore our services at today!

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