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Agility: The Paradigm Shift Towards Transformation

Earlier, it was reported that Singapore has suffered a deeper recession in the 2nd quarter than previously estimated, at 13.2%, in our worst quarterly contraction on record. As Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing puts, “recovery will be some time yet and recovery is not likely to be smooth”. In times like these, agility is one key differentiating factor between the winners and losers, a paradigm shift for leaders.

At VKT, we are strong advocates of our agile framework (Discovery, Design, Deploy & Measure Impact), using it to help our clients test, learn and pivot their customer, employee and business strategies. Just last month, we celebrated Singapore’s National Day, with an NDP focus largely on showing our appreciation to those who have stepped up during this period, and to renew our resolve to weather through these times.

Most recently, working on a cybersecurity project in uncovering opportunities during COVID-19 has been an iterative process. Our nonlinear 3DM framework has helped us to leave our assumptions behind and look for alternative solutions that may not be visible at first. Using an agility approach has also led to many favourable outcomes in problem-solving.

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