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Cut Through the Noise with Video in Digital Marketing

With the number of digital consumers in Southeast Asia reaching record levels of 310 million this year, and short and medium videos being integral parts of digital consumption according to Facebook & Bains report, video marketing is a formidable force not to be ignored. Yesterday, VKT concluded one of our professional video shoots for our client, All Kurma (a healthy snack provider together) with our partner. From the conceptualisation and storyboarding to the execution of the video shoot, we went into great details to ensure the production of an engaging video that will cut through the noise in the digital world today. Check out a short snippet of our set-up!

As VKT continues to help our clients transform, we are also growing and learning alongside their transformative journeys, innovating and adapting our strategies to the latest trends in the market. Should you need help with strategic branding and marketing services right down to its execution, please do not hesitate to reach out for a quick coffee chat at .

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