• Vivien Koh

Digital Transformation: Pivoting From Offline to Online for Business Performance

Feeling confused and weary from the constantly evolving regulatory landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you desperately seeking a way for your business to prevail against the forces of the formidable virus? Change is the only constant. In light of the prolonged pandemic which has seen frequent, unpredictable lockdowns, many of our B2B and B2C customers ranging from HR Professional Services to Wholesale Health Supplements are continuously looking for new ways to transform their business model, branding, marketing and sales to mitigate the business impact from the uncertain environment. In this article, you will learn the benefits of digital transformation and how to transform your business from offline to online.

Digital transformation for business performance

Why Should You Move Your Offline Business Online?

Before we get into how you can take your offline business online, it’s important to understand why you should do so. Here are some of the reasons why you should embark on a digital transformation journey:

1️⃣ COVID-19 Pandemic & Changing Consumer Behaviour

The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has forced brick-and-mortar businesses to shut so as to stem the spread of the relentless virus. This has sent many businesses pivoting from offline to online. Third-party e-commerce players in the likes of Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee report an increasing "migration" of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers onto their platforms, with Lazada having onboarded eight times the number of sellers last year. The shift in consumer behaviour towards e-commerce was prevalent even before the advent of the unprecedented pandemic. According to MediaOne Marketing, there has been a steady upward trend among Singapore’s e-commerce consumers beginning with 2019 that is projected to reach 4.4 million users by 2023. It’s impera