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Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing and Management

Did you know that Southeast Asia clocked up a 9.9% growth of Internet users in 2020, pushing the total number of internet users here to 463 million? This staggering number is a testament to the drive for B2B and B2C businesses to expand into the social media space so as to reach out to their target audiences.

From revealing the secret to a successful social media advertising strategy, to divulging tried and tested social media marketing tips, the social media team at VK Transformation answers all your burning questions!

Social Media Marketing and Management, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing Tips

The role of a Social Media Marketer is often undermined and overlooked by many. What are the main responsibilities of a Social Media Marketer? How is social media marketing and management even more imperative with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Social Media Marketers at VK Transformation help companies to enhance their social media presence, including interacting with their customers, promoting brand focused interactive and engaging content and expanding potential revenue streams. We also brainstorm on innovative social media campaigns for our clients.

With the onset of Covid-19, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are heavily consumed by your target audiences. Using social media to increase engagement and build a strong brand community is imperative to educate customers about your offerings and strengthen customer loyalty. More than one-third of consumers have started using a new brand during Covid-19 because of the innovative or compassionate way that brands have responded to the situation.

Having to work with different clients across various industries at VK Transformation, a Consulting and Digital Marketing Agency, how has the team managed to help our customers to develop their brand presence and drive traffic and conversion with social media marketing and management?

Unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, VK Transformation uses data-driven market research to help us in crafting an end-to-end social media marketing strategy for our clients. We help our customers to uncover new customer segments and develop their customer persona and journey by mapping the target customer persona against each of the stages in the marketing funnel. From there, we would then come up with content pillars and curated content that can steer brand performance across multiple channels.

What are some of the most commonly used metrics for measuring success in a social media campaign?

For B2C clients, some key metrics we commonly look at to measure success are Cost per Impressions, Click-Through-Rate, Return on Ad Spend, Cost per Click and Cost per Acquisition/Conversion.

For B2B clients, we typically look at metrics such as Cost per Landing Page View, Cost per Click, Cost per Lead, Cost per Impressions, Click-Through-Rate, Return on Ad Spend and Cost per Acquisition.

However, to measure the success of a social media campaign, it is important to first understand the client’s goals and objectives, identify the right key metrics and map them to the different stages of the marketing funnel, followed by setting up conversion tracking to measure results across the touchpoints.

What are the key ingredients for a successful social media advertising strategy?

For brands to formulate and implement a successful social media advertising strategy, you would need to understand who your target audiences are through crafting customer personas. It’s also important to understand your target audiences’ digital footprint by drawing out the customer journey. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your target audiences’ motivations and pain points, you can come up with better solutions that are targeted at their needs. A successful social media advertising strategy takes into account multi-attribution across different channels, not just Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also Google Advertising. Another key point for brands to keep in mind is to ensure that you properly set up analytics and tracking tools to track multi-attribution and customers’ end touchpoint.

Do you have any social media marketing tips for brands?

It’s crucial for brands to choose the right platforms as not all social media platforms work well for all types of businesses. For instance, B2B businesses may not require Instagram because of the nature of their work. You’d also have to know your audience - how they consume content and what type of content appeals to them. Consistency in terms of your messaging and posting schedule are also key in social media marketing. Another important element is authenticity - customers want to know that there’s an actual human being behind the brand, rather than a one-sided communicator who doesn’t care and interact with their customers. Finally, quality over quantity. Rather than posting every day, you should focus on delivering quality content several times a week so as to provide value to your customers. You can also use scheduling and automation to plan ahead.

VK Transformation has a proven track record in successfully transforming B2B and B2C brands with social media marketing and management. If this resonates with you, you can connect with us over a virtual coffee chat to find out more about our experiences. Click here to learn more

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