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My First Asynchronous Filming Session for SMU Academy

With the unprecedented uncertainty COVID-19 has brought about, it’s vital that firms adapt, to not only protect revenues but turn this crisis into opportunity. In fact, 14% of companies managed to accelerate growth & increase profitability during the past 4 recessions. Ideally, firms should deploy an agile but phased approach to ensure quick & targeted responses. Yet, the fast changing situations often leave us with little time to react. In times like these, it is critical to not let our spirits be dampened.

I concluded filming for my SMU “Leading a High Performance Sales Team” Masterclass today, where I shared best practices & insights on leading a sales team through this crisis. What was meant to be a live webinar was changed to an asynchronous e-class. With little notice & the help of my team, I had to scramble & prepare for my first asynchronous session, from editing the lesson plan to figuring out the logistics for filming.

While it was nerve-racking, I had many valuable takeaways. I believe this asynchronous class would be the first of many. What are some ways this pandemic has made you step out of your comfort zone?

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