• Vivien Koh

Standing Out in a Pandemic

Over the past few months, businesses have forced themselves to transform at a once unimaginable speed. Many companies have gone “digital on steroids”, achieving in 10 days what would normally have taken them 10 months. While speed is definitely important, it is just one of many keys to winning this battle. Companies who have stood out have all managed these 5 aspects well:

1. Making data and performance driven decisions

2. Customer centricity

3. Taking risks

4. Digital speed

5. Willingness and drive to reinvent one’s business model

Unlocking business and digital transformation is one complex journey that requires stakeholders to get many things right. Having worked with many businesses on their transformations over the past few months, I fully understand the difficulty and fear in making pivotal business decisions, especially in these difficult times. Together with my team at VKT, we can support your business continuity and growth by developing new business ideas or finding new customers using our agile 3 step Go-Digital Program, 3DM framework and financial assistance. Contact us for more information today!



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