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Traffic does not equate to revenue

You might think higher traffic on a platform would imply greater valuation for the company, yet, this has been proven to be untrue.

While Linkedin has been seeing an increase in engagement, particularly a 50% increase in March, they have recently announced the slashing of 6% of their employee base.

Similarly, despite experiencing a surge in traffic to and a greater time spent on their websites by consumers, China’s top search engine and short messaging platform Baidu and Weibo warned investors of a revenue fall.

Traffic does not equate to revenue. While it is important to drive traffic to a website, it is imperative to translate this increased traffic to revenue generating opportunities through the use of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to create value.

Analytics is no stranger to us at VKT, often emphasizing its importance to our clients and on our social platforms. Through the embedment of tools like ANGie™️ and, we have helped numerous clients gather real-time insights on their customer engagements, digital footprints, purchase behaviours and product preferences.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested to increase and monetize your web traffic. Remember, additional traffic is a cost unless it is converted into revenue.

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