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Scaffolding Creativity Through Design Thinking Sprint

Our founder has thoroughly enjoyed facilitating, teaching and coaching her Rockstar students who attended her Design Thinking and Innovation, SMU 2021 programme over the past 2.5 weeks. Through the Design Sprint, 4 teams have approached their respective Design Challenges with gusto and a human-centered mindset to innovate.

Some of her students’ key takeaways:

❌ Don’t Fall In Love with Our Own Ideas: Embrace a growth mindset and reach out to your target audience for feedback. Listen for improvement.

🏃 Dare to Fail Fast, Learn Fast: During the Design Sprint, the teams were presented with a challenge to test with low fidelity prototypes. This exercise can be applied to the real world by allowing businesses to cut losses and pivot to a better solution if something is not working well.

📖 Storytelling to Enhance Our Pitch: Our founder has taught her students a two-step bespoke approach for storytelling to sharpen their communication with their clients and enhance their sales pitch.

Thank you for your great efforts! Our appreciation to her Teaching Assistant for this programme, Joel Seah and guest judge, Chris Khor and Denise Haak for your support and participation. Your valuable insights and feedback on the ideas were well received by her students.

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