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User Experience for Business Success

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Our founder had invited Denise Haak, CEO of Quiddity Usability Labs, to one of her classes, SMU Design Thinking & Innovation programme, to share meaningful insights on User Experience (UX). Denise has taught us some key takeaways:

1️⃣ She has reminded us that UX is about knowing your user and most of the time, you aren’t your user.

2️⃣ 5 Guiding Principles of User Experience

Simplicity is about ensuring that that you don’t overwhelm your users to the point where they can’t make decisions.

Familiarity When designing a product, assume that not all users are built the same.

Clarity has a direct impact on what is perceived. The clarity in a design like call to action buttons is vital.

⏩ You have to be consistent when it comes to how users will be using your product across all digital devices and platforms.

Transparency is paramount. Always let your users know what data you’re collecting and get their consent.

After the session, many of her students reflected on which of the Guiding Principles will be most applicable to bring their Design Innovation to life.

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